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President Nixon and John W. Dean III

Complete Collection of Conversations between President and his Counsel

On July 9, 1970, John W. Dean III became Counsel to President Richard Nixon. The position had been vacant following John D. Ehrlichman's departure to become Nixon's chief domestic adviser. In his role as Counsel to the President of the United States, Dean's duties included presidential appointments and liaison duties with various agencies and interagency committees, including those in the intelligence community.

Following the break-in on June 17, 1972 at the Democratic National Committee headquarters, Dean became the chief handler--or "desk officer," in Dean's own words--of the issue for the Nixon White House. Dean was eventually implicated in the cover-up scandal and began cooperating with federal investigators during March 1973 while continuing his work as counsel until he was fired on April 30, 1973.

Dean testified in hearings before the United States Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activites--also known as the Ervin Committee--during the period of June 25-29, 1973. On October 19, 1973, John Dean pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to obstruct justice. He was given a sentence of 1 to 4 years by Judge John J. Sirica on August 2, 1974.

He began his sentence under the supervision of the U.S. Marshalls at Fort Holabird, Maryland on September 3, 1974. During part of his time in custody, October 16-25, 1974, Dean testified in the Watergate cover-up trial, U.S. v. Mitchell. For his cooperation, Dean's sentence was reduced to time served and he was released after four months on January 8, 1975.

Barred from practicing law due to his conspiracy conviction, Dean worked as an investment banker, lecturer, and author. He has written numerous memoirs and books, many with a focus on his time in the Nixon administration. His role in Watergate continues to be studied as additional Watergate-related records become available to the public.

The list of conversations below is complete as of this time of writing. When additional conversations are declassifed and released by the National Archives, they will be added to this collection.

For a key to participants' names, click here (176k).

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Tape Log
OVAL 461-010 03/02/1971 12:07 - 12:44 pm P, TM, EBM, CVH, AMH, Press, WEB, JWD, JNM, ELW, unk [SBB?] mp3 (35.0m) doc (46k)
OVAL 483-019a 04/20/1971 4:20 - 5:14 pm P, HRH, JNM, JWD, WHP, RLZ, Unk, WHO, SMr mp3 (9.5m) doc (57k)
OVAL 483-019b       mp3 (38.7m)  
WHT 002-023 04/21/1971 1:12 - 1:13 pm P, JWD mp3 (662k) doc (24k)
WHT 002-088 05/05/1971 Unk between 12:43 pm and 1:13 pm P, JWD mp3 (1.6m) doc (25k)
OVAL 494-003 05/08/1971 10:15 - 10:32 am P, WEW, JVW, HME, RMG, CSw, JWD, RLZ, Press mp3 (24.6m) doc (26k)
OVAL 562-006a 08/12/1971 12:45 - 1:17 pm P, HRH, JDE, JWD, RLZ mp3 (21.1m) doc (37k)
OVAL 562-006b       mp3 (9.3m)  
OVAL 618-021a 11/15/1971 12:05 - 12:17 pm P, PAF, JGoebel, CFinn, QM, JWD, WHP, Press mp3 (5.8m) doc (27k)
OVAL 618-021b       mp3 (6.9m)  
OVAL 708-006 04/13/1972 4:31 - 4:34 pm P, FDeM, JWD mp3 (2.5m) doc (24k)
OVAL 768-020 08/14/1972 12:49 - 1:12 pm P, APB, TCRN, JJRa, HRH, JDE, JWD, JHA, RSR, WHP, SBB mp3 (452k) doc (24k)
OVAL 779-002 09/15/1972 Unk between 4:49 pm and 6:17 pm P, HRH, JWD, SBB, CMacG mp3 (49.3m) doc (26k)
OVAL 794-012a 10/09/1972 Unk between 12:46 pm and 3:10 pm P, SIN, HGK, SBB, JWD mp3 (17.2m) doc (36k)
OVAL 794-012b       mp3 (6.5m)  
WHT 043-177 02/22/1973 Unk between 3:17 pm and 4:04 pm HRH, WHO, JWD mp3 (1.0m) doc (25k)
OVAL 864-004 02/27/1973 3:55 - 4:20 pm P, JWD, SBB mp3 (111k) doc (28k)
OVAL 865-014a 02/28/1973 9:12 - 10:23 am P, JWD, SBB mp3 (21.5m) doc (27k)
OVAL 865-014b       mp3 (8.3m)  
OVAL 866-003a 03/01/1973 Unk between 9:18 am and 9:46 am P, JWD, MS mp3 (2.5m) doc (27k)
OVAL 866-003b       mp3 (1.7m)  
OVAL 866-004a 03/01/1973 Unk between 9:47 am and 10:44 am P, HAK, RLZ, WHO, YR, Unk, JWD mp3 (19.8m) doc (71k)
OVAL 866-004b       mp3 (1.2m)  
OVAL 866-017 03/01/1973 1:06 - 1:14 pm P, Unk, JWD mp3 (3.0m) doc (29k)
OVAL 869-013 03/06/1973 11:49 am - 12:00 pm P, JWD mp3 (4.9m) doc (33k)
OVAL 871-004a 03/07/1973 8:53 - 10:52 am P, JWD, HRH, Unk, WET, SBB, HAK, RLZ, MA mp3 (10.1m) doc (92k)
OVAL 871-004b       mp3 (20.3m)  
OVAL 871-004c       mp3 (4.5m)  
OVAL 872-001 03/08/1973 Unk between 9:51 am and 9:54 am P, JWD mp3 (1.4m) doc (25k)
OVAL 878-014a 03/13/1973 12:42 - 2:00 pm P, JWD, HRH mp3 (27.4m) doc (34k)
OVAL 878-014b       mp3 (6.7m)  
WHT 037-099 03/14/1973 8:55 - 8:59 am P, JWD mp3 (2.1m) doc (31k)
EOB 419-020a 03/14/1973 Unk between 9:50 am and 10:50 am P, RLZ, JWD, RAM, SBB

mp3 (8.9m)

doc (38k)
EOB 419-020b      

mp3 (11.2m)

WHT 037-103 03/14/1973 12:27 - 12:28 pm P, JWD

mp3 (272k)

doc (30k)
EOB 419-023a 03/14/1973 12:47 - 1:30 pm P, RAM, JWD

mp3 (9.5m)

doc (27k)
EOB 419-023b      

mp3 (5.8m)

WHT 037-108
03/14/1973 4:25 - 4:34 pm P, JWD
mp3 (279k)
doc (29k)
WHT 037-109 03/14/1973 4:34 - 4:36 pm P, JWD mp3 (926k) doc (31k)
WHT 037-116 03/15/1973 Unk between 9:22 am and 10:05 am P, RLZ, JWD mp3 (3.1m) doc (31k)
OVAL 880-024 03/15/1973 5:36 - 6:24 pm P, JWD, RAM, Unk, SBB

mp3 (19.9m)

doc (42k)
OVAL 881-003 03/16/1973 10:34 - 11:10 am P, JWD, RLZ mp3 (14.8m) doc (38k)
WHT 037-134 03/16/1973 8:14 - 8:23 pm P, JWD

mp3 (4.1m)

doc (32k)
OVAL 882-012a 03/17/1973 1:25 - 2:10 pm P, JWD, HRH mp3 (15.2m) doc (44k)
OVAL 882-012b       mp3 (18.7m)  
EOB 420-024 03/19/1973 Unk between 5:03 pm and 5:41 pm P, JWD, RAM, MS

mp3 (9.2m)

doc (28k)
WHT 037-164 03/20/1973 10:46 - 10:47 am P, JWD

mp3 (178k)

doc (30k)
WHT 037-166 03/20/1973 12:59 - 1:00 pm P, JWD

mp3 (453k)

doc (30k)
OVAL 884-017a 03/20/1973 1:00 - 2:31 pm P, JWD, RAM

mp3 (3.5m)

doc (51k)
OVAL 884-017b      

mp3 (27.1m)

WHT 037-176 03/20/1973 7:29 - 7:43 pm P, JWD, MS

mp3 (6.1m)

doc (30k)
OVAL 886-008a 03/21/1973 10:12 - 11:55 am P, JWD, HRH mp3 (22.7m) doc (29k)
OVAL 886-008b       mp3 (14.8m)  
EOB 421-018a 03/21/1973 4:53 - 6:01 pm P, RLZ, WHO, WPR, HRH, JWD, JDE

mp3 (27.0m)

doc (30k)
EOB 421-018b      

mp3 (5.9m)

EOB 422-033a 03/22/1973 Unk between 1:57 pm and 3:43 pm P, JWD, JDE, HRH, JNM

mp3 (5.0m)

doc (30k)
EOB 422-033b      

mp3 (32.1m)

WHT 044-011 03/22/1973 Unk between 2:26 pm and 3:28 pm JWD, WHO

mp3 (72k)

doc (24k)
WHT 044-012 03/22/1973 Unk between 2:26 pm and 3:28 pm JWD, RLZ

mp3 (203k)

doc (24k)
WHT 044-027 03/27/1973 Unk between 4:20 pm and 4:57 pm HRH, JWD

mp3 (1.8m)

doc (26k)
WHT 044-069 03/29/1973 Unk between 2:46 pm and 3:01 pm HRH, WHO

mp3 (3.0m)

doc (27k)
WHT 044-070 03/29/1973 Unk between 3:30 pm and 4:05 pm HRH, WHO

mp3 (524k)

doc (26k)
WHT 044-080 03/29/1973 Unk between 5:35 pm and 6:24 pm JDE, JWD

mp3 (2.3m)

doc (26k)
EOB 426-004a 03/29/1973 2:45 - 4:20 pm P, JDE, HRH, WHO, RLZ, JWD, MPA

mp3 (18.2m)

doc (40k)
EOB 426-004b      

mp3 (7.6m)

OVAL 897-004a 04/16/1973 10:00 - 10:40 am P, JWD mp3 (42.5m) doc (17k)
OVAL 897-004b       mp3 (24.9m)  


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